About Us

Shri Satish Kumar Sushil is one of the founder of SHIVALIK PRINTERS, established in April '1978 as a partnership concern. Now this firm has been extended to MADHAV PRINTOGRAPHICS (P) LTD., being managed by Mr. Sanjeev K. Sushil, son of Shri Satish K. Sushil, alongwith a team of expert and well experienced supervisors. Thus Madhav Printographics Pvt. Ltd have become a leading Printing Company, producing Packaging and Publicity Material, serving many leading manufacturers of Consumer and Industrial Products alongwith Job work clients. As noted earlier, the company is well equiped with automated Printing and Allied machinery. With these facilities quality of production is assured.

Growth of MADHAV PRINTOGRAPHICS PVT. LTD is attributed to professionally skilled supervision. Our emphasis have always been our Quality, Cost-Effectiveness and Customer Care Service. Our earnest interest for latest technology enable us to produce quality with economy.

We offer a comprehensive printing solution from preliminary Designing to Print production to delivery. All Designing and Printing activities are carried out completely in house through the latest available state-of-art printing and allied work, from post production to final products. Time schedule and budget requirements are adhered to with the best possible facilities of raw material availability. Years of working knowledge and understanding of Printing business, every minute detail is well attended to with painstaking effort. This enable us to achieve high degree of efficiency resulting in numerous satisfied customers. Today Madhav Printographics Pvt. Ltd have become one of the respected name in Printing Business in Delhi and other areas.

Our Vision

Our finished products are of high Print Quality standard. We work hard to develop successful customer relationships and always try to learn better from our working rooms by treating every job with respect to its own character. Our printing technology combined with skills of our trained staff, under best supervision, goods are delivered to meet high expectations of our clients.

By placing responsibility in our hands, our clients become fully assured of uniform quality and appearance of their packaging. Most important, we offer our services with competitive rates and consistent quality.

We have a well reputed, Computerized Designing Studio duly supervised by well renowned artist Shri Satish K. Sushil. We have a large clientale of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida alongwith far flung areas of U.P., Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

We are equipped with sophisticated Printing and Allied machinery viz Seven Printing Machines (Two {4 Colours 28"x 40"}, Two {4 Colours 19"x 26"}, One {2 Colours 20"x 29"}, One Single Colour 25"x 36" and one Single Colour 19"x 26" Machines); Two Automatic Paper Cutting Machines; Four Lamination Machines with Window Lamination, Thermal Lamination and Strip Gumming systems; Six Die Punching Machines; Two Foil Printing Machines; Two Automatic Pasting Machines with Lock Bottom Pasting system, One U.V. Printing Unit, Screen Printing System, alongwith various ancilliary systems, such as Hybrid U.V. Aquous Coating unit

With this we are capable of wide range production capabilities turning out upto Two Lac combined Carton, Boxes, Labels etc. alongwith publicity material. Madhav Printographics Pvt Ltd have, thus, acquired state-of-art-technology for producing qualitative and quantitative goods with utmost care and responsibility.

Our Art and Designing section have two MAC and three PC workstations equipped with different type softwares; Two Scanners; Three Printers. Image Retouching, Pagination and any other special jobs are well tackled by our experienced Computer Artists. We have a very large collection (running into lakhs) of high resolution images; more than 10,00,000 Clip Art images; thousands of English and Hindi Fonts alongwith other Indian languages fonts.

Our plate making section can handle works of any contingencies. We have our own tool room for any emergency work. We have three generators, each with a capacity of 125 KVA for running the factory continiously without any intruption due to power failure.

Pre-Press and Post Press Services

Our Art & Designing Section have Two MAC and three PC workstations equipped with State-of art Software, Scanners and Printers. Image re-touching, Pagination and others speical jobs are well trackled by our experienced staff. We have a very large collection running into lakhs of high resolution images, more than 10,00,000 Clip Arts and thousands of english, Hindi plus Indian Language fonts, that can be used in your Art Works. Our plate-making section can handle all work of any contingencies. Also we have our own tool room to meet any emergency. Also having Three Generators, Each having capacity of 125 KVA TO RUN our machines continiously in case og log or short power cuts.

Our finished products are designed to the high print quality standards developing successful customer relationship, and we always learn to make us better. in our printing rooms. every job is treated individually with respect to its own character. Our printing technology combined with skills of trained staff under excellent supervision, we deliver goods to meet your expections.

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